Boston Harbor Hotel Spring Wedding in the Presidential Suite

July 16, 2021

I am thrilled that big events are back but must admit I have really enjoyed a year of smaller and more intimate weddings. There is just something so special about the micro weddings that took place over the last year and Lizzie and Andrew were no exception. I love that the small wedding for them was not a result of restrictions. It was their plan from day one.

From the couple – “Even though it was a small gathering, we want a classic wedding feel. We may have had to plan around covid-19 limitations, but this is not a contingency plan. This is our special day, how we want it, and we wanted that reflected in the photos.”

With a guest count of 10 and the happy couple, the John Adams Presidential Suite at the Boston Harbor Hotel provided the perfect location for this intimate and special wedding day.

From the Boston Harbor Hotel – “Overlooking Boston’s waterfront, the stunning John Adams Presidential Suite boasts 4,800 square feet of the best living space the city has to offer. Including a 1,000 square foot terrace overlooking the harbor, this magnificent Boston luxury suite offers the ultimate in privacy and opulence and showcases fusions of classic and contemporary elements with soothing neutral hues and refined materials. Encompassing a state-of-the-art media room, spacious living area, dining room and modern kitchen. the Presidential Suite is unequivocally the best luxury suite in the city of Boston and offers guests a Beyond Compare experience. And yes. it does have a private elevator.”

Thank you Lizzie and Andrew for choosing me to capture the wedding of your dreams!