Boston B’not Mitzvah at WGBH Studios with Twist Event Design

November 4, 2013

Sisters Morgan and Reilly got to share the same spectacular B’not Mitzvah at WGBH — which meant twice the energy, excitement, entertainment and twice the WOW! This event was non-stop fun, with the help of NYC-based entertainment group Chezzam Entertainment and the stunning design and flawless execution of Twist Event Design. We started the day with Morgan, Reilly, and their family at Temple Beth Elohim for some traditional family formals before the B’not Mitzvah service began.

This event was truly one-of-a-kind, with non-stop entertainment and fun surprises around every corner. Special thanks to the team at Twist Event Design for such a stunning and creative event, and everyone at Chezzam Entertainment for the fun and energetic atmosphere! Mazel Tov Morgan and Reilly!

WGBH Boston Event Photography 001WGBH Boston Event Photography 002WGBH Boston Event Photography 003WGBH Boston Event Photography 004

As soon as the service was over, guests made the drive to the WGBH studio to begin the evening party while all the kids hopped on a bus to ride over together. The WGBH studio had been transformed into an extravagant party — stilt walkers and hula hoop performers greeted guests as the entered the building, after which they took a walk down the custom “pink carpet” entrance for the authentic paparazzi experience from Chezzam Entertainment. We snapped photos, a crowd of fans yelled and asked for autographs, and everyone got the red carpet experience with a faux news camera and interviewer.

The WGBH Atrium was set up with a custom “One Night Only” marquee, sleek white lounge furniture with custom pillows, glow tables, and a sparkling silver and pink wrap-around bar. Adults enjoyed cocktails in the Atrium, which included music from a live electric violinist, while kids spend their cocktail hour in the Frasier Studio. The studio recording booth was set up for the kids to record songs in, along with a Game Show trivia booth where they could answer trivia questions about the guests of honor and a glitter tattoo station for sparkling tattoos!WGBH Boston Event Photography 005WGBH Boston Event Photography 006WGBH Boston Event Photography 007WGBH Boston Event Photography 008WGBH Boston Event Photography 009WGBH Boston Event Photography 010WGBH Boston Event Photography 011WGBH Boston Event Photography 012WGBH Boston Event Photography 013WGBH Boston Event Photography 014WGBH Boston Event Photography 015WGBH Boston Event Photography 016WGBH Boston Event Photography 017WGBH Boston Event Photography 018

After cocktails, everyone was invited into the Atrium for the big reveal of the Calderwood Studio reception. As the studio doors opened, a wall of liquid nitrogen filled the doorway for an exciting and dramatic reveal! The room was bright and colorful with hot pink linens and towering pink and white floral centerpieces. Wreaths of colorful flowers hung from the ceiling above the table tops, and the dance floor featured plasma screens and two tall scaffolding towers for the dancers to use later in the night. After a quick dance set, the costumed crew from Chezzam Entertainment ushered in Morgan and Reilly for their grand entrance!WGBH Boston Event Photography 019WGBH Boston Event Photography 020WGBH Boston Event Photography 021

While the adults enjoyed their dinner, the kids took a seat on the dance floor for the video montage, a welcome speech from Morgan and Reilly’s parents, and a traditional candle lighting ceremony. Then it was back up onto the dance floor for a fun and energetic Hora! The first performance of the evening from Chezzam Entertainment was a Lady Gaga inspired dance routine followed by a VMA-inspired Justin Timberlake performance to get everybody up and dancing! The dancers passed out hats, sunglasses, and props for everyone to use on the dance floor, and all the photos from inside the photo booth were projected on the plasma screens for everyone to watch.WGBH Boston Event Photography 022WGBH Boston Event Photography 023

Following dinner, “human tables” walked around the Atrium with an assortment of desserts on their skirts for guests to choose from, while a stunning acrobatic artist put on a show high above the crowd. Guests also enjoyed custom cookies and take-home candy boxes.WGBH Boston Event Photography 024WGBH Boston Event Photography 025WGBH Boston Event Photography 026WGBH Boston Event Photography 027Temple Beth Elohim in Wellesley, Cocktails and Reception at WGBH Studios Boston, Twist Event Design & Management for all event design and decor, MAX Ultimate Food, Chezzam Entertainment, Port Lighting


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