Classic Romance at Boston’s Fairmont Copley Plaza

October 31, 2016

Both hailing from Lynnfield, Mass, this North Shore couple have been in each other’s life since they can remember. Cristina and Brett wanted a carefree, fun wedding that showcased their classic romance at Boston’s Fairmont Copley Plaza. Preparations for the day ahead were in full swing as the ladies and gentlemen were gathered separately dressing and putting on the day’s final touches. The groom was crisp in a classic black tux. The bride wore a Marchesa Gown paired with an Oscar de la Renta veil.

The historic Cathedral of the Holy Cross was the location for their traditional Catholic  wedding ceremony. The groom’s face when he sees his bride says it all. After the exchanged their vows and a lovely ceremony, we captured some formals and fun candids in front of the Fairmont before we headed in to celebrate!

From the couple’s one-of-a-kind welcome bag to custom favor t-shirts, Cristina’s friend, Kristen Lee Barrett from Darling Creative Company and her business partner Julie Madden, were instrumental with some of the fun details throughout the day.

Classic style with fresh flowers in a soft, creamy color palette felt right at home in Grand Ballroom from Dana and his team at Dana Markos Events. Romantic lighting and glowing candles balanced with grand centerpieces made for a timeless feel. It’s no secret that Brett is a Kanye West fan.  So much so that the bride surprised the groom with a custom ‘Yeezy’ groom’s cake (they even had quotes from Kanye on their cocktail napkins).  The t-shirts the couple gave out at the end of the night featured a sketch of the moment just after Brett proposed to Cristina. After toasts, formalities, and dinner, the party kicked into to full gear with a packed dance floor of all ages.  Congratulations again to Cristina and Brett – thank you for letting Jill Person be a part of your fun day!

As always, we can’t say enough great things about the vendors we get to work with and in particular the staff at the Fairmont Copley Plaza and the expert ways of Tracey Gavin.

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Venue: Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, Tracey Gavin; Family Friend/Planner/Stylist: Darling Creative Company, Kristen Lee Barrett & Julie Madden; Dress: Marchesa Gown with Oscar de la Renta veil from L’elite Boston; Hair & Makeup: Axle Color Studio; Paper/Invites: Invitations by Susan; Flowers: Dana Markos Events; Wedding Cake: Cakes to Remember; Groom’s Cake: Oakleaf Cake; Lighting: PSAV; Video: SH Videography; Linens: Peterson’s Party Center; Entertainment: Nightshift Band and DJ: Jason Dawson

Filed Under: Classic Romance at Boston’s Fairmont Copley Plaza.  The wedding of Cristina and Brett was photographed by Boston Wedding Photographers, Jill Person Photography.  Jill Person and Laurén Killian can be reached via 617.236.1662 or by checking out their website,