Neon Lights Themed Bat Mitzvah with AE Events

March 24, 2020

The 2020 Mitzvah season kicked off earlier this month with the NEON LIGHTS themed Bat Mitzvah with AE Events. The afternoon started in Wellesley at Temple Beth Elohim for the family portraits prior to the service. From there, it was off to nearby Pine Brook Country Club in Weston for the celebration.

As guests entered the foyer, a giant “ABBEY” from Your Love In Lights glowed as a focal point prior to entering the main reception area. The neon theme was incorporated throughout all of the spaces from the food stations with neon signs over each area, photo booth with the glowing black-lights and GIF booth encompassed in a glowing neon cabana. The draped black walls gave the neon that extra pop and wow factor. Northern Lights Entertainment kept the party going all night with their DJ, band and dancers and surprises kept popping up from the popcorn cart to blinking neon cotton candy. There was even a rolling donut wall towards the end of the evening.

From the AE Events team: “The neon wall was a masterpiece! It started out as just an idea, and then watching it come to life over the past year was truly special. We worked with Mystic Scenic Studios, Inc. to help create it. The wall was built from 5 different neon companies. Some of the neon’s were custom, some from Amazon, but all put together, it was magical. The wall towered at 12 feet wide and 9 feel tall! It was a fun photo opportunity for Abbey and her guests. The wall also represents a lot of what we (AE Events) do as event planners. We build works of art and masterpieces that are up for less that 24 hours and then taken down, for only a few to see. It’s the process that brings pure joy in the end for the clients and makes it all worth it!”

A big thank you to AE Events for having me capture this spectacular celebration. Mazel Tov to Abbey and her family!

Event Coordination and Planning: AE Events – Christine Altieri, Phoebe Allen and India Callaghan; Celebration: Pine Brook Country Club; Catering: Pine Brook, Woops and Blackbird Doughnuts; Print: Fete Collection; Photobooth: Boston GIF; Air Brush Tattoo and Glow Booth: Fun Enterprises; Rentals: Your Love in Lights, Mystic Scenic, Taylor Creative, Tommy Wholesale, Party By Design; Lighting: Suzanne B Lowell Lighting; AV: Capron; Entertainment: Northern Lights Entertainment; Neon Wall: WEON, Locomotion, Light Me Up, Amped and Co and Etsy; Transportation: Cocell